After much waiting, Adrianna Grace Briggs was born around 2 AM this morning, May 23, 2013.  She is 7lb 9 oz and 19 3/4 inches. Lisa is now a Grandmother and, I’m sure, exhausted, as she gave her support and love being at the birthing hospital throughout the night.

For Adrianna (already nicknamed Addi) and Dale & Summer, the happy parents:

Welcome, welcome to this breathtaking world. We have been waiting for you. Waiting to see your beautiful face, to hear the sound of your cry, to kiss you, to hold you, rock you. Your are the fruit of [our] love, of our hearts, of our souls.

We have prayed for this day, and now it is here. But no amount of anticipation could have prepared us for you. You are a miracle. You are a gift from God. You are ours.

May God watch over you in love, bless you with health. How can we express our gratitude to You, God? Your have sent us a perfect blessing.

Thank You, bless You, Source of all life. Amen.”

For Lisa:

“Gift of God, precious child, miracle, my little one. Lay your head on my shoulder. It seems that it was yesterday that I held your [father] in my arms this way. You are a sweet blessing to me, a tiny messenger of joy. Welcome to this magnificent life.

May God grace you with all things that are good and shield you from all harm. May the bonds of our family be your strength. May our love be your comfort. May our faith sustain you. May God be with you, now and always. Amen.”

Both prayers are (c) Naomi Levy, from Talking to God


About Stu

I am a creative individual with many areas of passion: Professional Storyteller; NYS Certified Drama Specialist/Educator; Professional Development Coordinator & Facilitator; Workshop Leader; sometime Puppeteer; Playwright; Director; Performer; Teaching Artist; and sometimes more.

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  1. How wonderful! Congratulations and welcome to this beautiful world,Adrianna

  2. give Lisa a hug- and one to the real mom, too…
    Mazal tov to all.

  3. Marvelous news! I know the little one will be a blessing to you all!

  4. Congratulations! Enjoy the little one!

  5. Life always such a precious gift

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