I really want this job, God; I need this job. Help me, God. [Teach me to believe in myself, to see that I am qualified for this position.} Calm my fears, God; soothe my nerves. Let me enter this interview with assurance and confidence. Let me speak my mind; let my thoughts flow freely.

Remind me not only to talk but to listen. Show me how to impress without seeming pompous, how to be agreeable without seeming ingratiating, how to be enthusiastic without seeming desperate.

Be with me, God; fill me with strength and faith and light. Let me shine today, God. Amen.”

~from Talking to God, by Naomi Levy (c)

394942_111581282352013_1984888890_nDue to numerous reasons, I have been without a full time job for awhile now. Readers of this blog know that this has been one of the things that has preyed upon me, causing frustration, anxiety, worries and bouts of ill ease. While I’ve worked a lot at freelance/part-time work, it is not really enough.

When will this job recession end? Statistical numbers lie. Percentages only give you a clue to what is happening; you don’t get the stories, know anyone’s name, know of their struggles to put food on the table, or even their attempts to keep a  place to have a table, warm clothing, a place to sleep. Unemployment statistics also don’t give you the whole picture: people who find part time work can not, legally, put in for unemployment. So…while some money may be coming in, it really is not enough for many. Two jobs, everyone eligible to work in the family has to, in some way or the other…it’s not the American Dream.

It is a nightmare, and one not everyone believes exists.

I send out as many resumes as I can weekly. I apply to things in and out of my discipline. I do get some interviews, but have yet to land a full time gig. So…

Today I have another part-time job interview, but it will pay more for work that is at least in my field. I bracketed the section in the prayer above because I do believe in myself, I do know that I am qualified to do this job. As I know I have been for work that has passed me by.

Dear God, please let the interviewers see what I know.

I hope the prayer helps others who are looking for work as well. Again, thanks to Rabbi Pam for giving me the gift of the book.


About StuHN

I am a creative individual with many areas of passion: Professional Storyteller; NYS Certified Drama Specialist/Educator; Professional Development Coordinator & Facilitator; Workshop Leader; sometime Puppeteer; Playwright; Director; Performer; Teaching Artist; and sometimes more.

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  1. I’ll add your thoughts to my prayers, too, Stuart.
    Part of the problem is that the unemployment numbers don’t split out the age differentials; just the credential differentials.

  2. Unemployment in this country is, indeed, much worse than the main (lame) stream media would have us believe. I will pray that God has just the right job for you, Stuart.

    • It’s not just the media: people with high income don’t see what is around them. We’re almost in the French revolution type of era, where “let them eat cake” is thought by way too many

  3. I feel your pain. It took me FOUR years to finally land a position that offers full time hours sometimes, but this is a slow time of year so my hours have been cut. I am lucky I haven’t been laid off completely, which is normal during downtime in my field. (market research)

    There are many lies floating around about unemployment numbers and the economy. Things might be improving for some, but the numbers have a false positive because of so many people who are no longer eligible for unemployment.

    I will keep you in my thoughts. I unfortunately know how tough it is out there.

  4. The best of luck!

  5. Glad you haven’t lost faith in yourself. Unfortunately, when 10 – 100 or more people apply for the same position, the employers can nitpick, and it may come down to whether or not they like your tie. 😦 I keep praying you get a position soon.

  6. Best of luck, Stuart. I have lost count of the CVs that I have sent!

  7. Thinking of you Stuart and including you in my daily prayers as well. Keep the faith.

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