Signs From Beyond: part two

question-markI didn’t think there would be a Part Two to this whole thing…until last night.

My son called me. He had read my post “Signs from Beyond?” from January 10th, and thought he should share a dream he had the night before I had my two Dad occurrences:

He dreamt he was having lunch with his grandpa at a restaurant in Pittsburgh that is famous for putting everything in the sandwich (french fries, slaw, etc) that is normally a side dish. He knows my father had kielbasa (a favorite of his) and a beer. He thought they were having a good time. Adam, my son, said he turned around to look at something and his grandfather was gone. He woke up, I guess didn’t think much of it…and then he read my post after it was pointed out to him by Alexis (his wife/my daughter-in-law).

Obviously, reading my post and his experience gave us both reason to pause. I’m not upset or scared, but I wish I could find the why of all this. It happened also with the car crashes: I left out/momentarily forgot that my two very near brushes with others car accidents had the element of Adam & Alexis being in their own car crash around that same time period.

Rule of three. Three car crashes, three Dad mentions…and the third ones, both time, came from news from my son.

A commenter on this blog suggested that when I went to bed last night I should send out thoughts to my Dad, to see if anything came up in a dream I’d have. Hate to say: nada. I’m still perplexed this morning as I was last night.

Not sure what this all means, if anything. Some will scoff and say it means nothing, some will be sure these are definite signs. I am just finding it a tad unsettling. One thing that did come to mind: we found paperwork from my father’s time in Germany, with a timeline (of sorts) of his capture by the Nazis, where he was sent, and what happened up to his coming to America. A timeline I did not have before. There are also testimonials, one from the man he escaped the death march with.

They are all in German, and I guess it is time for me to start putting them into an online translator and see what they have to say about my Dad. Could be this is the time to dig out my play about him, add information, correct any misinformation, and try it again.

Still…curiouser and curiouser…


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  1. Wow, Stuart!
    Curiouser and curiouser. There is DEFINITELY something going on here. Another weird thing is the number three.

    I see you caught that as well. Three is a very powerful number. Perhaps that number is playing a role in the significance as well. You know or should know from the occasional visits to my blog that I see the Divine in everything, that I look for messages in every experience I have.

    There is without doubt something going on here’ Stuart. Your task is to track down what it is. Waiting with baited breath…


  2. Curiouser and curiouser indeed! I have no idea what it all means, but it is fascinating.

  3. How interesting, and unsettling. I do believe that our loved ones are always around, sending us messages and reaching out. It has been my experience that when we are in that state of living after recent loss, we are so in tune with many things we would normally never see. My experiences around this have always been more subtle, and not so alarming as the car crashes.

    My medium friend and I talk about this a lot and we both feel that messages will reveal themselves eventually… I am curious to hear when you unlock these bizarre happenings!

  4. My tendency is to gloss over subconcious gurglings, and attribute coincidences to being just that – coincidences. Because my fear is that if I open up my mind and allow those things to become more real and have true meaning, it might swallow me up and alter my reality. Because it took me so long to become quasi “normal”, I’m afraid to lose myself. And usually I forget my dreams, but not this morning! I won’t go into detail here, but suffice it to say there were two rabbis in it. And, since I always read your posts, I thought “maybe Stuart’s quest is taking root in my brain…”

    • Sharon, I’m of two minds with this: and I’m leaning more towards the “does this really mean something?” than mere coincidence. There is nothing abnormal going on here…as you said, cuz, it’s a quest, a journey, to find more peace within myself. We’ll talk. Glad to know you’ve been reading along. I didn’t think anyone in the family was, and now I find out Alexis, Adam and you have been. Good to know.

  5. this is a chiller!

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