Where Are We Going?

RoadsLooking at options, different paths

For the normal roads have become twisted

Turning in on themselves

Creating far too many dead ends

One ways that seem to go nowhere

So, what path do you take?

Do you sit at crossroads, unable to move?

Do you walk gingerly, not crossing the line

Or run full throttle, hoping not to hit another hole?

Where do you go, what do you do,

When so much keeps you in place?


About StuHN

I am a creative individual with many areas of passion: Professional Storyteller; NYS Certified Drama Specialist/Educator; Professional Development Coordinator & Facilitator; Workshop Leader; sometime Puppeteer; Playwright; Director; Performer; Teaching Artist; and sometimes more.

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  1. I love (and relate to) these words. You found the perfect image to match.

  2. Sometimes Yes. Life forces you to sit at crossroads where you cannot move. For the sake of others who need your attention. That’s life.

  3. This one I know very well. On the one hand is the admonition to be patient and wait upon the Lord, on the other are your perceived physical needs and the desire to “make” something happen. I have found the key to be in the word ‘patience’; which does not mean “do nothing” but rather intimates remaining calm, quelling your fears, so that God can speak to you. It is also not sitting on your hands waiting for God to do everything, you must be prayerfully vigilant, but you must also stay out of Gods way. Forcing things to happen your way will only slow Gods plan for you.

  4. Reminds me of “how to get out of quicksand”. Do nothing, and you stick – and while you won’t get completely sucked under (because the human body is too dense), you could die of thirst or exposure. Thrash wildly, and you can get more firmly stuck. Best to overcome your fear, lean back so more of your body is on the surface to float, and swirl your feet gently till you’re fully afloat and able to paddle away. Moderation in all things 🙂

    • I know there is no quick fix, and sometimes rushing into things only makes it worse. Wise words…now to gain the patience to see it all through. Thanks Lisa.

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