The Senses, Fourth Light, Fourth Night

Chanukah Fourth Night
“How full is your plate, how great is your need…
Is your spirit nourished as your body feeds?
This night is dedicated to delicate balances
Where our desires come to dine
Offering pleasures in each embellishment
Fuel for the fire of life…”

A Different Light: The Hanukkah Book of Celebration by Noam Zion and Barbara Spectre

What is the heart of a home?
What fills the senses, gives you a pleasure, joy,
A chance to commune with those you break bread with…
Even if they are not there anymore?
Do you still share the memories of the aromas,
the meal time chatter, laughter, fights…
The silence?
Do you remember those unforgettable meals,
Both the great and the horrible mistakes?
What fills your heart of home?
What fills in the empty spaces?
What gives you that sense of peace?
Who do you chat with, laugh with, fight with,
Have a chance to be silent with?
Yes, you do remember the unforgettable
And you wish for more chances to make that happen

With tonight’s lighting ceremony and reading, the dedication was to the senses, primarily the dining room and the kitchen. Lisa was reminded of the stories my mother wrote, starting a journal of her life: you can find those HERE (Yesterday, Memories). Many of her memories dealt with the delights of food in her childhood: she was born just before the Great Depression, and food was just one thing that brought back happy memories for her, of that time with her parents and older brothers, the special treats once they could be afforded, once things settled down and life could be lived again.

She hated to cook: my impression of her idea of COOKING was to chop up onions, put them in a pot, salt and pepper, put the meat in, add some water, put on the lid, turn on the stove, and then go inside to watch TV until it was forgotten and burned on one side. Yet, her memories of the great meals that came from the deli, from the holiday meals…all that brought her joy, and it was evident in the way she talked about it.

So…in these times of uncertainty, for me: I am barely eating,  due to not feeling very hungry most of the time, not wanting to really eat the majority of the time. I know what causes this, and I know I can’t not eat. This also makes me think of the homeless, the poor who can barely afford to feed their families today, not just in the impoverished parts of the world but living all around us. I’ll get through this depressive state one way or the other. What about the others?

A prayer, for all, from the writings of Naomi Levy from Talking To God:

“Thank you, God, for the food on my table and for the cook who, like You, knows the secrets of creation. Thank You for the plants, animals, and water, and for my life, which You nourish and sustain each day. Please, God, answer the prayers of all those who turn to You in need. May all who are hungry be blessed with food. May I never be indifferent to the cries of those in need of my assistance. May I never take my good fortune for granted. Thank You, God, Creator of all. Amen.” (pg. 26)


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  1. Today is the 28th day of Kislev. The next to last day of the month. Tomorrow night is the first night of Tevet, the 6th night of Chanuka. Not only will the lights of the chanukiah light up your life tonight and tomorrow, but the lights of the SB will light up our skies tonight. The Geminiid meteors… which will peak late tomorrow night/early Friday morning. May their streaking bring joy, fulfillment, and success to your life..

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